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Some of the Benefits of Linux Web Hosting

Some of the Benefits of Linux Web Hosting

What are the Benefits of using Linux Web Hosting.  If you were looking for the affordable web hosting, Linux and Windows web hosting are maybe the options that are given by many people out there. We can see that a lot of people had already given any benefits that you can get from Windows web hosting. However, how about Linux? Are there any advantages that we can get from this web hosting? The answer is that of course there are some benefits that you can get by using Linux. Below are some of the Benefits of Linux Web Hosting.

Linux Web Hosting  is Open Source Platform

One of the reasons why many people chosen Linux is because Linux is an open source platform. It means that a web programmer is being able to modify, increase and distribute his site through some development stages to Public. There are also many open source communities that can support your activity and maybe give any helps and advices if you found any difficulties.

Linux Web Hosting has a good Flexibility

Yes, Flexibility is one of some of the Benefits of Linux Web Hosting that we can get. It is claimed that Linux has the best flexibility that is not owned by any other companies. With this flexibility, users can host some applications such as logging, ecommerce, and many other multimedia applications. Linux is made based on the GNU or General Public License and many other distributions such as Ubuntu, SUSE linux and Red Hat.

Linux Web Hosting Price is affordable

The next reason that is becoming a part in some of the Benefits of Linux Web Hosting is of course about the price. It cannot be doubted that Linux and Windows web hosting is two web hosting options that give the affordable price for users. With Linux, everyone can star to have an online business with low price. Some platform such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and phpBB can run really well with Linux.

Reliability and Security Aspect

Reliability and Security aspect is one in some of the Benefits of Linux Web Hosting. We knew that security become s a massive problem because some popular technologies brands had already hacked or there was an online stealing. Many Linux users reported that Linux has an extreme security system that will protect them from any online criminal issues such as the hacking system. some ways that are done by Linux for this case are repairing software, protecting and upgrade all the servers for creating a better server durability and it can cut the hosting price as well.

Speed and Simplicity

The next in some of the Benefits of Linux Web Hosting is about the Linux’s speed and simplicity aspect. Linux is commonly easier and simpler to use than Windows. It came with pre-installation software that is ready for modification and durability. Linux is designed for supporting some basic web hosting. It means that users are able to install PHP, Perl Script and MySQL. It will give an extra and better performance.

Why Should You Go with ASP.NET Windows Web Hosting

Why Should You Go with ASP.NET Windows Web Hosting

There are two kinds of the options for you who wanted to choose the web hosting providers. Those options are Linux or Windows web hosting. In fact, most people prefer to choose Windows to Linux. Why it could be happened? It is because Windows web hosting has some benefits that they can get for a better web hosting. Below are some reasons of Why Should You Go with Windows Web Hosting that we will share to you.

Front Page Extension

If you used the Microsoft Frontpage, the best pair that you can use is Windows web hosting. It will give some advantages for you such as you don’t need to check whether your server supports the required extensions like what you need to have.

ASP.Net Hosting Framework

If you had a website that run on a visual basic or the .Net Framework, there is no doubt that you have to choose Windows web hosting. This is the one and only option that you can have for creating a great website using these languages. On UNIX hosting, you will not be able to use these kinds of languages. That is why; we can say that this is the only reason on Why Should You Go with Cheap ASP.NET Hosting if you had a .Net Framework basic.

Much Easier to Use

If you were such a fan of Windows OS, we can say that you will love the Windows web hosting as well. When you are used to work with Windows OS, you will be much easier to understand how the Windows web hosting work than if you decided to choose the UNIX Hosting. You don’t need to worry about the language so you can manage your website better. This is a great benefit that a beginner can have.

Compatibility Access

The other reason in Why Should You Go with Windows Web Hosting is about the access compatibility. Windows server can be greatly integrated with all the information for you without any confusing trouble. It will help you if your site had to collect any data from the database on an access. There are a lot of people who chosen to work with Windows server to deal with any database options such as MySQL. Integration can be a great offer that Windows server can offer.

Best for Development Program for Windows hosting

Are you a developer who uses software like Visual Interdev? Or are you developer who is looking for some windows developing applications for your website? If it was so, we are really recommending you to choose the Windows web hosting. Why? It is because UNIX is not having any supports for this thing or it is not supporting any Windows developing program. This is one of the reasons in Why Should You Go with Best Windows Hosting. The other reason is because with Windows web hosting, you can choose any preferred language as what you wanted. You will get the best suite by choosing Windows web hosting.

Comparing Opencart, Nopcommerce and Oscommerce for Ecommerce Hosting

Comparing Opencart, Nopcommerce and Oscommerce for Ecommerce Hosting

There are many ecommerce platforms that we can find nowadays. Which one is the best? Maybe this is a difficult question to answer because each of the platforms has its own pros and cons. Some popular ecommerce platform that are available today are the Opencart, Nopcommerce and Oscommerce. Below are some explanations about comparing Opencart, Nopcommerce and Oscommerce for Ecommerce Hosting.

Oscommerce Review

Oscommerce is really easy to use ad you can find many cheap programmers for working on your online stores. Furthermore, some big hosting companies will recommend this platform. Oscommerce has more than 1.5 millions forum post on its community, 7000 plugins are available and many more again stunning features that you can find. It has a lot of basic features that you will need. Besides that, one of the great reasons why you should use Oscommerce is about the speed. This platform is really light weight.


When we want for comparing Opencart, Nopcommerce and Oscommerce for Ecommerce Hosting, we can say that Opencart is still behind the other two for the usage figures. However, it is also developed and this platform is one of the cleanest storefront designs for all the default themes. Opencart has more than hundreds professional templates that can be used by the users. Besides that, 13000 plugins are also becoming their strength, but unfortunately most of them are paid. However, the community forums are also not big as the Nopcommerce and Oscommerce. Some noteworthy features that you can get by using this platform is that the enough built in integration that will possibly you to start immediately.


How about the copcommerce? Is it one of the best ecommerce platforms that you can use?  The answer is yes. Nopcommerce has many interesting and beneficial features that can be enjoyed by the customers. They have the mobile commerce where the customets can make the mobile version of their site. It will make the sales increase effectively. Besides that, Nopcommerce is also possibly the online retailer for running more than one store from a single platform. The multi vendor system support will also make the customers are easier to do the online trading. They don’t need to have a lot of stocks for this case, so this business can be started even from the small space. Retailers are also be free for configuring the shipping rates and shipping methods as long as the platform is integrated really well with the major shipping carriers. There are also more than 50 payment gateways that are offered by Nopcommerce. It also allows the customers for making payment by using all debit cards and all major credit cards or even cash. SEO friendly is also the other reason why a lot of  people prefer to choose this ecommerce platform than the other platform that is available now.

So, those are some information about comparing Opencart, Nopcommerce and Oscommerce for Ecommerce Hosting. We hope that now you can pick the right one for your ecommerce business.

Why Magento is the Best Option for Your E-Commerce Dreams

Why Magento is the Best Option for Your E-Commerce Dreams

Why Magento is the Best Option for Your E-Commerce Dreams – When we talked about ecommerce solution in the market right now, we can say that it is many. One of those ecommerce solutions that is getting popular right now is Magento. This is an open source ecommerce solution that suits with the aims of worldwide business. Below are some reasons in Why Magento is the Best Option for Your E-Commerce Dreams.

  1. It Multi Store or Multi Site Function

Yes, the multi store or multi site function is a reason why Magento is the best option for ecommerce. This is a powerful panel because it can accommodate for about 20 online stores that run from the same admin panel. All the orders can be placed and managed from one site. Besides that, the report can be prepared separately with a really unique details and it is really easy as well.

  1. The Option of Guest Checkout

Magento has a Guest Checkout Option that can help to keep the visitors of your site. Most condition that we usually found in an online business is where the visitors have to register before doing the other activities such as buying some products and pay them. However, with magento, the system is different and we can say it is better. Visitors can have a control whether they have to register or they can checkout as a guest for helping them saving more time.

  1. SEO Friendliness

 Just like it competitor, WordPress, Magento is also an ecommerce platform that has the SEO / Search Engine Optimization friendliness. This is becoming one of the reasons Why Magento is the Best Option for Your E-Commerce Dreams. The web developers can be really easy for managing this thing. Some tools that Magento has for this SEO case are:

  • Canonical URLs
  • Some controls for the Meta tags, category and product
  • XML Sitemaps and it is auto generated
  • Support CMS ( Content Management System)

Those can improve the viability of your online website.

  1. Many Collection of Extensions

One of the features that is had by Magento and loved by PHP Developers is 100% customizable features. There are some best Magento extension lists that you can find and use as well. You can easily find this list on the internet or Magento website.

  1. Functionality of Reorder Button 

The other reason of Why Magento is the Best Option for Your E-Commerce Dreams is the reorder facility. Magento will help the online businesses for keeping information about the last orders and available in their account page. It means that when your customers want to make the same order in the future, they just need to click away. This is really simple. In a just click away you can have the same order just like the last order that you did. This is one of the best reasons in Why many e-commerce website and developer love to use magento.

Web Hosting Beginner Guide

Web Hosting Beginner Guide

Web Hosting Beginner Guide

If you are a newbie to the idea of buying a domain name or perhaps if you’ve never work a website before, having a beginner’s guide to web hosting could actually help you answer all those concerns, which are cropping in your mind right now. It is simple to make income out of built your site; however, you must be certain about the fundamental concepts as well.

Types of Web Hosting

There are different kinds of web hosting offers, however, there are three major types – shared, dedicated and reseller. Every type of hosting has a different purpose.

  • Shared Web Hosting.
    This is the most used and famous form of hosting. This is a part of bandwidth and disk space offered by the web hosting company. The resource of the server was shared by as lots of other sites are allocated to the computer.
  • Dedicated Web Hosting.
    On the other hand, dedicated web hosting is the most cost-effective and powerful solution for hosting a demanding website devoid if resorting to purchasing your own tool at the same time paying hundreds of bucks every month for a quick internet connection. Anyone who acquires a demanding and busy site will find this type of web hosting the necessary option.


  • Reseller Web Hosting.
    Apart from shared and dedicated web hosting, there is the reseller web hosting, which is the low-cost solution to beginning your web hosting business. This type is grouped into two different types: the private-label and reseller of service. The private-label enables the reseller to maintain the full payment monthly of the web hosting client, however, the reseller should pay the monthly fee to the bigger hosting company for the space of the reseller.

Whereas the reseller of web hosting services resells the standard web hosting plans of a bigger web hosting firm, however, you get some deal of discount for offering the customer and obtain a monthly fee as long as you remain as their customer. This type of plan does not enable control over customer’s website at the same time you can only maintain a part of the monthly revenue.

Web hosting is no doubt one of the famous medium of today’s generation and businesses. Any product you’re going to launch requires targeting the market. Young individual comprised of the biggest market at present and it’s utmost importance to catch the attention of these people first.

Dedicated web hosting is something, which you can opt for if you prefer reliable service. On the other hand, if you prefer to go to shared web hosting, then the companies will enable you to transfer a particular amount of data transfer. This could sometimes boost the limitation of your own works and could generate danger on your online business marketing.

Web hosting could be very tough decision along with lots of hosting companies in the market today. It is crucial that you look for a plan, which fits your necessities at the same time, to have a reliable hosting company to help you throughout your way.